Top 10 things to do in Boracay


10 of the best things I have personally done within in my last 4 visits to Boracay.


10th) 15 Shot Challenge (Coco Mangas)

For all the party people and drinkers out there, coco mangas has what they call the 15 shot challenge. Should you be able to complete this a free shirt is given. This drinking activity is a good way to start your vacation. Too bad I’ve never completed this.

9th) Walk or Run at Stations 1-362638_10151573862965818_1054097044_n

If you are in Boracay to just relax and take it easy, then a walk from stations 1-3 or vice versa is a nice thing to do. It will take about 30-45 minutes to get from one end to the other depending on how fast you walk. Some people also jog or run this route.  The scenic views of the sea is worthwhile. Remember to stop by D’mall though.



8t140h) ATV and Buggy Ride

ATV and Buggies are always a good thing to do, especially on a hot day, however with the route being very short and the rides being closely supervised like little kids, I only put this activity at 8th. To improve this they should really allow people to roam at their own leisure.




7th) Water Sports and Activities

Boracay is a paradise island, so why not get in the water? Any water sports whether Jet skiing, banana boat, flying fish, wind surfing or parasailing, the thrill of getting in the middle of the sea is just priceless.


6th) Helmet Diving

Helmet diving is an a way of going underwater, if you are not very confident of scuba diving. There is no need to be trained and you can decide to do it on the day.  Underwater you will see all the colourful wildlife Boracay has to offer.

5th) Visit Puka Beach

Puka beach is a much quieter area for those who want to get away from all the crowds. It is again a beautiful area with a much more coarser sand than that of stations 1-3.


4th) Nightlife

Boracay is known as the party island of the Philippines. So what’s the point of going Boracay without experiencing the Nightlife. Boracay has plenty of clubs and pubs to choose from all with different statures. The best time for a Boracay nightlife would definitely be the Laboracay festival  at Philippines Labour day, haven’t been but its definitely on the list.


3rd) Boracay Pub Crawl

4th choice was any old nightlife, but for my 3rd is the ‘Boracay Pub Crawl’, for an entrance fee you will get a free shirt, a shot glass and free shots along the way. Here you stay as a group, the best way to meet people. Along with games and a few different activities the night will be enjoyable to anyone.

pub crawl (61)
Boracay Pub Crawl
2nd) Ariel’s Point

More for the adrenaline seekers, this little secluded island, around 30 minutes away from Boracay includes a cliff dive of different heights, canoes, kayaking, snorkelling, snacks, barbeque lunch, beverages and more.  This is a whole daytrip package  from around 10am to 5pm, a private boat takes all visitors across to this island.

ariels point.jpg

1st) Paraw

My number one thing to do in Boracay. Paraw is a small boat, that uses the wind to move the boat. Passengers ride on the either side on nets, it is possible to lie down or sit and enjoy the view. The paraw is usually a 30 to 45 minute ride, and sometimes the boat people will stop in the middle of the sea, so you can jump in and swim. There are bigger boats and yachts for rent, but where’s the thrill in that.3


Top 10 Places to Visit in Pangasinan

Pangasinan is my province (countryside) in the Philippines, around summer or Easter time we used to (and still) love to roam around the various beaches and attractions, with whatever budget we have.

Here are my 10 personal  favourite places to visit in ascending order.


10th) Dagupan City

Famous for its Milkfish locally known as ‘Bangus’. Dagupan is the host of the famous ‘Bangus Festival which local people have a mass barbeque of the fish, some of which are given for free.

bangus festival.jpg

9th) Alaminos City

Alaminos city is hugely growing in this province, being the nearest city to the iconic ‘Hundred Island National Park’. Sometimes the province could be difficult to get the bare necessities a tourists wants or needs. Alaminos has big restaurant chains such as Mcdonalds, Jolibee, Chowking, Shakeys and more. Usually if me and my cousins get too bored at home we would roam the city and find something to do.

8th) Surip Beach

Surip is our ancestoral beach, its awkward shaped rocks, beach formations make this beach unlike others. Although unknown to tourism, this place is improving year by year, lots of new attractions are being found like caves and cliffs for tourists to go and see. Lastly Surip has a pilgrimage walk which starts beachside and climbs the hill upwards to the peak where the cross is.

7th) (Anda) Tondol Beach

Tondol white sand beach is something different, the beauty here is not its white sands but its shallow waters. You could walk up to 1-3 km (in low tide) in this beach and the water would only be knee or waist height. However shallow waters don’t seem very interesting does it, but what if I say that you see colourful fishes as you walk around. Walking to other more secluded islands here is also possible. The bad aspects though are jelly fishes or stepping on sea urchins, however with its clear waters all you need is to be extra careful. Hiring a wooden raft is also very popular here.


6th)  Bolinao Falls

This waterfall is hidden, only known by the locals. It is free however undeveloped, so if your ok with walking on stones or through a jungle then visit here. Its refreshing fresh running water is cool and jumping off the small cliff is the best feeling. Do make sure you know how to swim as there are no attendants at this area.

Waterfall Jumping
 5th) Enchanted Cave

Only just recently new caves are being found in Bolinao, here visitor are allowed to enter and have a swim, unlike any other place around the world.


4th) Manaoag Church

Always a special place for the family, we always plan to visit here. The catholic church which has been officially declared a Basilica, sits on top of a hill in the town. Famous for some miracles relating to the Lady of Manaoag, are portrayed in various murals. This church is huge in various pilgrimage and for prayer purposes, whilst the history playing huge importance to the region.

3rd) Patar Beach

Patar beach to me is the most beautiful, the sand is soft and the water is clear. The beach can however get very congested at peak times but the scenery never gets old. We’ve been here a few times and watching the sun set here is magical.

2nd) Puerto Del Sol Resort

Definitely one of the best classy resorts in Pangasinan,(or within the northern area anyway). This resort is expensive, but it is just on another class than any other resorts around. The breakfast here is on of the best in any of the resorts/ hotels i’ve had around the world. Puerto del sol has the best views and best part of Patar beach. It is my number 2 as you cant find any other place like this in the province.

Puerto Del Sol Resort
 1st) Hundred Islands National Park

My personal number 1, simply an iconic attraction in Pangasinan, with a mixture of 100 large and small islands this picturesque national park is a place to visit. I have seen the evolution of this place, having little when I was young, to now having more and more to offer such as a camping facilities, water sports, snorkelling and cliff diving. Traditional Boats called the ‘Banka’ take passengers to a number of islands such as the ‘Quezon island’ and the ‘Govenors island’ where the Big brother house was situated, and many more depending on what activities you want to do. Excellent place for everyone and barbequing is usually popular.

100 islands

Royal Borough of Greenwich


Type : City Break
Best Date : Year Round
Expense : Expensive
Things to do : Sightseeing, River Cruise, Events
Points of Interest: Cutty Sark, 02 Arena, Greenwich Park, Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory, Greenwich Market


Greenwich is a Borough in London which is situated in the south east of London. In the year 2012 the Borough was the newest authority to become a Royal Borough. Greenwich is famous for being the location where the ‘Prime Meridian’ runs through and is the reason where the term ‘GMT’ Greenwich Mean Time began, the place where every country around the world references time.

The Place

The newly titled Royal Borough of Greenwich has both historic and modern attractions.  Firstly we’ll start off in the North Greenwich region which is also known as the Greenwich Peninsula, this is the newer and more modern part of the borough. The 02 Arena formally known as the ‘Millennium Dome’ was built to welcome the millennium, today it is an exhibition centre which is the largest of its kind in the world. The building itself which is a large dome shape with 12 towers sticking up, which is meant to represent the hours of the clock and the months of the year which rightfully characterizes the location and ‘GMT’ Greenwich Mean Time. Inside the 02 Arena, in the centre is a huge concert hall, the biggest in Europe, which hosts various events such as Boxing, indoor tennis, concerts, award ceremonies and many more. Around the centre is various pubs, restaurants, a cinema and also clubs at some nights. Outside the 02 Arena just a 5 minute walk is the new ‘Emirates Air Line (Cable Car)’ was erupted just in time for the 2012 Olympics. The Cable Car takes passengers from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Victoria Dock in what they call ‘flights’. Each flight currently costs £4.50 one way or £3.40 for oyster card holders. As the Cable Car is sponsored by Emirates they have also created a facility called the ‘Emirates Experience’ which is a little simulator promoting the airline for extra costs. Another attraction in Greenwich Peninsula is the ‘Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range’ here you will see the best panoramic view of Canary Wharf, whilst playing golf.


The other popular location in Greenwich is by the ‘Cutty Sark’, this area is older and has kept many of its historic buildings. The main attraction for this area is obviously the ‘Cutty Sark’ itself, a British ship built in 1869. The ship which is situated on the river bank is now parked and stationary, where visitor would be able to go  on board and even below the boat under the new glass cage. Other attractions around this area are various museums such as the ‘Queens House’, ‘National Maritime Museum’, ‘Royal Observatory’, the ‘Planetarium’ and a few other museum, some of which is free of charge. Another interesting aspect to experience in this borough is the historic ‘Greenwich Market’ which happens 7 days a week, although a lot more busier on the weekends and Sundays. Here they sell various products such as antiques, artwork, clothes and they also have many popular food stalls. Last but not the least ‘Greenwich Park’ which spans 183 acres on top of a hill. This park is another ‘Royal Park’ which provide a small group of Fallows and Dears. The park is also enclosed and has an opening time of 06:00am but closes at random times throughout the year.

Another area which is worthwhile visiting is Blackheath which is a old village with traditional shops in the middle of a Blackheath park besides ‘All saints church’.

Greenwich Park


Overall I believe Greenwich is one of London’s best kept secrets. It is shadowed by focused areas like parliament square and shopping districts like oxford street. However just half an hour east of London’s tourism centres is Greenwich a place where everyone can enjoy whether you look for entertainment, history or just to chill in one of the city’s most beautiful park.


Travelling within Greenwich

There are only two main locations in Greenwich where tourists need to be aware of.  These are ‘North Greenwich (Greenwich Peninsula)’ where the 02 Arena is situated and ‘Cutty Sark’ where the name sake boat is and Greenwich Park which host many attractions in itself is just a walk away.

The ‘Cutty Sark’ is only accessible through DLR, whilst ‘North Greenwich is accessible through the London Underground (Jubilee Line). Both locations are easily connected by various buses which should only take 10 minutes.

The Thames Clipper also connects the two locations in Greenwich, which will be a nice scenic view however too short of a ride to enjoy.

Greenwich Docks

Attractions and Stations:

Cutty Sark for Greenwich (DLR) Station : Greenwich Market, Cutty Sark, Maritime Museum, Greenwich Park, Queen’s House, Royal Observatory

North Greenwich Station: Greenwich Peninsula, 02 Arena, Emirates Cable Car, Thames Clipper, Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range


Travelling within London

Travelling in London is very easy, maybe even one of the easiest in the world (in my opinion). Buses, Underground, Overground and even the Thames clipper connect every region and area within London. London prices are determined by zones and the duration of travel, buses are £1.50 for any 1 hour of travel, meaning you can use as many buses within the hour. The underground is charged through the number of zones you pass through, zone 1 is the most expensive to travel, overground is the same whilst the Thames clipper is a little different. London transport are also connected with the Oyster card which is used instead of cash and the paper tickets. Oyster cards can be used with any of mode of public transport apart from the taxis.

Taxis in London are one of the most iconic in the world, they are also known as the “London Black Cabs“, they can be taken and stopped anywhere in the streets or designated taxi bays.

Santander Cycles or better known as the Boris Bikes are available and used by both locals and tourists. All you will need is to find a cycle bay, input a credit card, take a bike and ride until your heart desires (or when you reach your destination). It is charged by how long you use the bikes, and when you are finished you simply find another bike bay and re- dock the bike so that the timer stops. The charge will be put on your credit card.

As a tourist there is no need to rent a car as London has the most accessible public transport in the world. However walking is not advisable as London is one of the largest city in Europe.