Cotai Water Jet


Many people travel from Hong Kong to Macau and vice versa, one of the quickest, cheapest and most convenient way is by high speed boats. There are 2 main companies that offers this type of service ‘Turbojet’ and the ‘Cotai Water Jet’. The Cotai Water Jet travels from mainly two ports in Hong Kong, ‘Sheung Wan’ and ‘Hong Kong Kowloon’ and travels to two other ports ‘Taipa’ and ‘Macau’. Each jet departs around every 15 minutes from Hong Kong, starting at around 0700 and ending 0100 each day.



I have found this transport to be fairly cheap, $300+HKD return about £30-£40 in equivalent for a weekday in the standard class named Cotai Class. Weekends, Holidays and night sailing have a little addition of about $20-$40 return. However there is 3 different classes in this ferry ‘Cotai Class’, ‘Cotai First’ and ‘Cotai VIP’ all with varies different price range. Cotai First would cost an additional $120 HKD (around £15)  from the standard Cotai class, whereas an $2000 HKD is needed for a Cotai VIP class. I don’t really know what the difference for the First and VIP has against the standard Cotai class. They did however go upstairs in the jetty, I suspect them having larger space and maybe comfier seating,  however the standard seats was already good enough for the 1 hour plus journey. Ticket prices include 1 piece of on-board luggage weighing 20kg, like airliners additional luggage’s or weights will be charged.


My experience with ‘Cotai Jet’ was positive, it was quick, simple with no hassle at all. Moving across the boat port mimicked that of an airport, however it was very easy and movement was very swift. Although I took the standard ‘Cotai Class’, the seats were incredibly comfortable, and even the toilets were very clean, there were bar services for refreshments however I didn’t really bother. The seats again mimicked that of an aircraft, with rows of 3 and 2s and a few aisles. I was however expecting some sort of a viewing point, whether a balcony or a large window, but there wasn’t any, however maybe as a high speed boat safety was in mind. The journey only takes one hour and a half, and is smooth however at times can be very rough and bumpy, however like an airliner they do give audio announcements to put seatbelts and safety precautions. There are also magazines in front of every seats and televisions between a few rows. Overall the whole journey reminded me of travelling with an airline, everything from the tickets, passports, seating, magazines and safety announcements. The company is professional and admirable, I enjoyed the journey a lot and I don’t know how their rivals ‘Turbojet’ could beat them.


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