Next stop ‘Milan and Lugano’

So another holiday coming up, in fact all holidays planned for the rest of the year are more or less confirmed. Next stop will be Italy with a quick visit to Switzerland. It is summer here in Europe so I’ve decided to enjoy the sun while it still lasts, however with only 3 days to dispose, I’ve opted for a short city break rather than a beach holiday. Out of all the places I was choosing from (Lisbon, Milan, Nice, Madrid, Nice and more) Milan stood out to be more desirable in terms of flight, budgets and other aspects. I was looking at places to go in Milan and although Duomo, other cathedrals and shopping are the highlights, a huge review to visit lake Como caught my attention. So I booked a day excursion to Lake Como which included a visit to ‘Lugano’ Switzerland, why not. Interestingly just like London, Milan has 2 main airports ‘Malpanesa’ and ‘Linata’ I didn’t know the pros and cons of each but I guess I’ll find out as ill be flying in to Malpanesa then flying back with from Linata. All in all the trip should be straight forward it’ll be more of city tours rather my usual adrenaline activities.

Confirmed Trips

Italy (Milan) – Switzerland (Lugano)                 11/08/17 – 13/08/17

Hong Kong – Vietnam – Singapore                      20/10/17 –  29/10/17

Expected Trips

Finland (Helsinki) – Estonia (Tallinn)               November 2017

Philippines – Malaysia                                          December 2017

On my shortlist

South Africa for shark diving


Image taken from topflight





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