Bellagio / Como

Type : Culture, Luxury
Best Dates :
Summer April – August
Expense :
Things to do :
Dine, Photography, Shopping, Cruises
Points of Interest:
Lake Como


Bellagio is a small village in ‘Como’ province within the Lombardy region in northern Italy. The village is situated at the pinpoint location of the upside down ‘Y’ shape of lake Como with one of the best panoramic views of the lake. The Como region has been a haven for celebrities and the show business lifestyle with residence such as George Clooney, Catherine Zeta Jones, Richard Branson and more alike. The ‘Como’ region has also been featured in many blockbuster movies, most notable being Star wars, James Bond, Ocean Eleven and many more.


The Experience

If you are looking for a luxurious place to unwind with terrific panoramic views for plenty picture taking and a taste full of authentic Italian flavours, then Bellagio would be an Italian village to visit. However all villages around ‘Como’ are alike, keeping in mind that Bellagio is one of the most visited village around the area, visiting here would more or less fulfil the experience of the other villages.

Firstly to visit the ‘Como’ region it is possible to drive however with minimal parking and congested roads it is advised to reach the region by train arriving at ‘Como station’, from there it is usually the norm to take the ferry to which ever village you desire. The ferries take around 2 hours to do the full circuit where people get on and off at different ports. In my experience on using the ferries was that it was very full and looked overloaded, but it was peak holiday season so this could be understood. Nonetheless using the ferry is something I advise to do, as the scenery you see is one of a kind.


Bellagio is probably one of the main villages to visit around ‘Lake Como’, it is at the centre of the lake with many restaurants, hotels and shops. Bellagio itself is small but has plenty of character, everything was authentic Italian. There were many restaurants to choose from, cheaper restaurants were further up the village and the more expensive ones were lakeside. Food was mainly Italian seafood with many restaurants serving local catches. Shops also had Italian products selling artwork and clothes made locally.

All buildings in the village looks well preserved but one main building that stands out is the ‘Chiesa San Giacomo’ which is the local church. However every structure made the village what it is with the stone stairway and alley ways also adding characteristics. A walk around the village is tiring but also very pleasing, the only way to describe the atmosphere in Lake Como is like being in a movie such as ‘James Bond’ where interestingly enough ‘Casino Royal’ hosted the movie in one of their scenes.


Overall Bellagio or any villages around ‘Lake Como’ has class and if you are looking for a holiday to unwind, have authentic Italian food surrounded by exceptional scenery then Lake Como is a place you’ll need to visit. However do save a bit as it can get very expensive around the area, hotels can range to an average of £300 per night, and meals could cost 30 euros for a main meal. If staying here will prove to be too expensive, I advise to just stay in Milan and plan a day trip as in my opinion day is enough to enjoy this place.

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