Type : Cultural
Best Date : April- June
Expense : Cheap
Things to do : Just roam and eat, visiting neighbouring towns.
Points of Interest: Tobacco monopoly monument, Bell tower, Rizal amusement park, Museo Ilocos Norte, ect


Laoag is the capital of the province Ilocos Notre (North Ilocos) a medium sized provincial city famous for its Spanish upbringings just like many cities and towns in the Ilocos region of the Philippines. 

The Place

Laoag is Ilocos Norte’s capital city but in my opinion not the best for tourism. It is very small and compact unlike its neighbouring cities and towns in the province.

Firstly my first impressions of the city were brilliant, it is very spacious, quiet in the day and somewhat busy in the evenings due to the night market. The city has a large Robinson’s Mall, centre of both ‘Laoag city’ and ‘San Nicolas’  which is unusual for a provincial city, furthermore its mall is very modern and has high class shops and restaurants such as Guess, Lacoste, TGI Fridays, Starbucks and many more. Centring the city is the ‘Bell tower’ unofficially known as the ‘Sinking Bell Tower’ which is a beautiful building left by the Spaniards. Other than that there are not many to see and do in the city but many do go to ‘Paoay’ for many different sites and activities.

In conclusion Laoag is a good centre point to stay in the province of Ilocos Norte but you may want to travel around neighbouring cities for more to see and do.  Laoag is normally just the hub of where tourists arrive or depart from the province as many bus stations, hotels and resorts reside here. A nice place to dine and roam but for me a day or two is enough for this city and anymore may result into boredom.



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