Review: Cebu Pacific

The Airline

Cebu Pacific air is a budget/ low cost airline in which their main hub is Manila NAIA airport. The airlinecebu-pacific-old-logo.png flies both internationally and domestically. As of 2018 the airline has a fleet of 59 with around 50 airbus aircraft and 20 ATR aircraft. The airline’s ambition to improve are shown with 32 airbus aircraft on order till 2021.


I have flown with this airline in many different occasions, mainly to their domestic destinations such as Palawan, Cebu and Boracay but I have also flown with the airline once internationally to Hong Kong.

At the airport

Cebu Pacific’s main hub is in the new NAIA terminal 3, however they do use Cebu as another secondary hub. Terminal 3 of NAIA airport is the newest and most modern of all terminals in the airport, it is medium in size and serves both domestic and international flights. Arrivals are in the ground floor whilst Departures are in the floors above. There are tight security to enter the terminal and only passengers can enter within the check-in area. A floor above the check-in area there is a food court with many restaurants including Philippines top chains such as Jollibee, Fruitas and many alike. There are also plenty of shops within this area.

The gates are sectioned between domestic and international obviously because international traveller need to go through more such as immigration checks and a more comprehensive security check. Both sections are long but there are travellators available in the airport.

Cebu Mactan International Airport is smaller in comparison, it is still divided between international and domestic and major shops are available only more compact.

Aircraft, Service and Flight

As a budget/ low cost airline i don’t really expect a lot. Seats have the usual leathered seats with a magazine pouch, table and a generous leg space. The airline whether domestic or international do not have an IFE (entertainment system) but the international flight do have games such as ‘show me’ which is cheesy but pretty cool. Foods vary from snacks or warm meals, they are much more expensive than the usual retail price, but hey its an airline.


Through my many flights with the airline, delays are more frequent than desirable and changes in flight itineraries do happen. But flights are comfortable and clean, staff are friendly and do attend to your every needs.


Cebu Pacific is a good airline to take domestically, it is fairly priced with a service not much different to its competitors in the Philippines.  The only downside to this company is its reputation to keep up with its own schedules so if your chasing something like a meeting then op for something else.

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