South France and Spain Trip

Leg 1 : Marseille

The starting point of my short France-Spain trip. Marseille was excellent, friendly people and astonishing infrastructure, its history was also amazing.

Leg 2: Montpellier

A short excursion from Marseille and into the vibrant city of Montpellier

Leg 3: Barcelona

Crossed the border to Spain using the Renfre train, a quick transit in Barcelona for my train to Pamplona. Stayed in the station due to the time, but will be back at the end of the holiday.

4th Leg: Pamplona

The main place I intended to go, a beautiful small city that has got a well preserved Spanish culture.

***San Fermin Festival***

The famous and controversial San Fermin festival. It was more than just the running of the bulls and had everything from music in each corner, kids activities and a 7 day 24hour party.

5th Leg: Zaragoza

After the party of San Fermin it was time to head to Zaragoza which was quiet in comparison, plenty of museums and religious buildings.

Finale: Barcelona

I have been Barcelona before so this was just a quick visit, using a one day travel card I visited many of the cities main attraction.


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