Emirates at the Airports

At the airport

I Fly frequently from airports such as London Heathrow, Gatwick, Clark and Manila with Emirates and regardless of the class of travel, the brand experience starts when you get in the airport. Check-in staff are always uniformed in company colours rather than hiring local contractor staff. Giving the feeling that when you arrive at the airport the airline is already present, reassuring passengers that the airline is with you from the very start.

In Heathrow the setting for Emirates check-in is standard, desks are divided into the different classes the different classes, economy, business and first which is more decorated for the premium passengers with red carpets flowers ect.

Emirates usually use gates 5 or 7 and their lounge is strategically and conveniently built above these gates, giving a direct connection for the premium to go from lounge to aircraft.

Photo Taken from : https://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/2012/12/25/bling-it-on-emirates-lounge-london-heathrow-after-a-surprise/


There’s not much to review about the carrier in Heathrow but one thing I will always remember about the airline is the time at terminal 3 when a passing Emirates staff working on a buggy (I don’t know his position) passed me walking towards a gate (very long walk at Heathrow) stopped probably seeing the tags on my bag and asked me if I was an Emirates passenger heading towards the flight which was boarding. I replied yes, and the staff asked me if I want to jump on to the buggy to get to the gate. Now I don’t believe this will happen to many customers, but that little act that staff presented was excellent and I will probably never forget it.

My transit  hub Dubai international airport, most notably at terminal 3 is exclusive to only Emirates and their partner Qantas which is in my opinion the best in the world. It is largely well connected, runs 24 hours, very spacious with many shops and restaurants with the utmost luxurious brands to choose from. As well as being convenient  and comfortable for passengers, Dubai international airport looks the part with its modern exquisite ambience inside and out.  Terminal 3 has three concourses A,B and C all identical in appearance and directly connected, by walking, underground subway system or a shuttle ride. This airport is particular special as you don’t see many with palm trees or waterfalls inside. Furthermore the airport is designed so that sunlight has a huge part to play in illuminate the building. In a few words Dubai International airport is the most spacious, luxurious and excessive airport I have been to, definitely the best.

Overall Emirates does look after customers as soon as passengers arrive at their hubs, it is seen in their investments on ground, which is a little more comprehensive than that of other airlines.

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Emirates Lounge : https://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/2012/12/25/bling-it-on-emirates-lounge-london-heathrow-after-a-surprise/

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