Next Trip: A visit to Finland and Estonia

5 months since going to Japan my last holiday and now its time for another trip. As its December I have decided to book myself a winter (Christmas Market) trip. Ive been to many places well known for its Christmas Markets such as Vienna, Berlin, Frankfurt, Edinburgh but now its time to go to the place where its known to be the Christmas city of the world, Helsinki.


I don’t have firm plans yet but will go to Lapland and Tallinn Estonia as short excursions.  It will be my first trip north to a Scandinavian nation and will have around 7-10 days to do as much and go to as many places as possible.


I don’t know too much about Finland or Estonia and I don’t know what to expect once in Lapland, I don’t know how food and transport will be or the character of their people.

Any suggestion on what I should go and see, and where I can excurse once in Lapland. Anything I should look out for? Please do let me know



4 thoughts on “Next Trip: A visit to Finland and Estonia

  1. Hello. If You want to experience winter wonders in Finland, then You will come too early. It is autumn now not winter. Our northernmost part called Lapland offers three unique adventures, but in winter,

    First is nearby the town called Rovaniemi the Arctic Circle. At this moment there are some snow. This post reveals how it is looking like:

    Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle

    Another unique experience is in the town called Kemi. There is nice connection by train from Roavaniemi. It is open between January 19, 2019 – April 13, 2019. Here is my post, there are links to previous. It is world’s biggest snow castle. You can spend a night inside, eat in ice restaurant or ice-cold drinks and much more:

    Snow Castle 2017&2018

    The best experience is in Oulu, south of Kemi and by train. It offers once in a year in February an experience which is once in a lifetime!

    Reindeer race

    If would be You, then I would test the race which is open for everybody and free-

    So, now it is autumn, not winter!

    Happy and safe travels!

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    1. Wow thank you for your brilliant advice. So i guess im too early. Well i guess I can always come back for these… Is there no snow in Lapland yet? Is transport from one place to the other difficult?

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      1. Hi. At this moment there is no snow, but it can change. Travelling is easy. From Helsinki to Oulu, Kemi and Rovaniemi You can fly. Bus and train connections exist – no problems. If You will come in next February, then You could shoot photos of my rein deer race and I Yours. The exact date is not yet decided, but I try to find it in January.

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