Where to go for Winter ’19

Time to plan for Winter 2019, and with 2018’s winter trip to Finland’s capital Helsinki and Rovaniemi proving very successful, I’m just wondering where I should go to this year.

My winter trips are usually festive so, me what with a Christmas spirit. Furthermore my desired trip should preferably be with snow but its not necessary and hopefully with something new and different.

My Past winter trips have been:

The list I’m choosing from this year are:

  • Svabald (Norway)
  • Sweden
  • Manchester (U.K)
  • New York (U.S.A)
  • Santiago (Chile)

All are just a thought right now but where would you recommend is a good place for my next December trip?

Below is a quick video of last years winter trip to Finland.


4 thoughts on “Where to go for Winter ’19

  1. hi! I myself have wanted to go to Sweden in winter for a long time – haven‘t yet managed to do it, so I vote for that! I plan to go in the beginning of December to see the Northern lights, so maybe…? I did Svalbard (an expensive version) in summer, and there was still snow, so I‘m not quite sure about going there in winter….wherever you go, enjoy!

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    1. Hi, yes Abisko Sweden was one of my top choices, but as last year I went Rovaniemi Finland I was thinking if there will be major differences or will it be similar. However I could go back to that region as although I set out to see the northern lights, the weather wasn’t on my side.

      Thanks for letting me know about Svabald, makes me think that it wouldn’t be too bad to miss it out on December.
      Thanks for your advice, very useful

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