Hello my name is Ian Nino, A Filipino who lives in London UK, at around 5 years old my mum decided to send me back to the Philippines to study for 2 years to acknowledge the Filipino culture. At 7 it was back to London and it was all studies till now  where I work within  Aircraft Engineering in a major airline.

I was always fanatic about aircrafts and airport life, so much that I took it up as my career. As an employee of the industry I could say it is very easy to travel, hotels, flights and even tours come cheap.

I was never a traveller at a young age, my family was never the exploring type, my only stints at a young age were only out of town trips to Cornwall, Devon or even as far as Scotland. However we were always the family to visit Philippines yearly.

My first venture, apart from Britain and Philippines, was Hong Kong and Shenzhen China, after that travel came frequently.

And now, I’ve decided to write and compose videos about my travels.


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