Appearance 8/10

Part of an arcade of buildings this hotel is situated on a moderately calm and quite street. The exterior looks like just another type of mediocre block of flats, however the interior is very modern.  The nice touch of the hotel is the many photos of Vienna all around the hotel whether in the lobby, breakfast room, stair and rooms. This for me made the very welcoming to the city which gets everyone to a touristic mind-set.

Location 9/10

One of the best locations for a hotel I have experienced within my Europe trips. The hotel which is along Praterstraße streets which is central pretty much central in Vienna.  The ease of travelling to this hotel is very easy, one train from the airport to Praterstraße station then you can either walk 15-20 minutes down Praterstraße street or you can take a subway to Nestroyplatz which is just 1 or 2 stops away from Praterstraße. Apart from getting to the hotel, to get to your desired destinations in Vienna are also very simple, majority of the points of interests are within a 15 – 30 minute commute. Secondly around ‘Das Capri’ there is plenty of restaurants, bars and shops to choose from, with plenty of budget levels to satisfy your needs. Another aspect is that it is a walk away from many other tourist areas, the river is just 5 minutes away and Prater is also at the end of the street.   So for many reasons this location ideal, however my only flaw was the fact that on the weekends, everything was closed in the area, I don’t know if it was a Viennese aspect or not but there was nowhere to go when it was Sunday, not even for our bare necessities.

Cleanliness 8/10

Very tidy and clean. I haven’t noticed anything out of the usual standards, the bedroom was comfortable and the toIMG-20170624-WA0001ilets was cleaned, with a little rust or lime scale here and there but nothing to dissatisfy my comfort at all. The rooms were cleaned daily with new sheets changed (Like many hotels).The big characteristic with this hotel was the drinking water, on their shiny coffee tables was a presentation of a bottle and two glasses, a note was in between stating and advising that the tap water in the bathroom is very clean and comes from the alps itself. I’ve tried the water and yep it was refreshing.


Facilities & Amenities 9/10

As a small family run hotel, the owners definitely looks after it and invests a lot for the latest tools and gadgets needed. There were no gym, swimming pools and such alike which you wouldn’t expect for a city hotel anyway. But they did have free Wifi and free drinks in the lobby to make everything nice and comfy. The biggest plus was that within every room, there was a tablet computer. These tablets had information about the city, maps and even seasonal events such as ‘Christmas Markets’. The tablets were a good touch for tourists and I have never seen them before in any hotel I’ve been to even the more expensive hotels and resorts.

Cost 8/10

So as plans to travel to Vienna got confirmed, like in many of my Europe trips I would have stayed in one of many big hotel chains such as Novotel, Holiday inn or Ibis. However thankfully my friend opted for something different. Cheaper than all the hotel chains around, I was sceptical about booking this hotel, but don’t judge a hotel by its price I guess, as this hotel was fantastic.

Food 7/10

Breakfast at the hotel was situated in a small room (the breakfast room) which has 3 different seating sections. However this just adds to the warm mellow ambience. Breakfast in the hotel was continental, there were only a small selection for each section and food varied from different menus at different days. All food were delicious, so for me it gets a 7.

Staff 9/10

Staff were friendly and took each guests very personally, they even encourage you to get to know them personally as well with the many portraits of all their staff around the stairs. There you may see many profile fact files of their staff which is pretty good and unlike many other hotels. Staff were all individual nice and cared for you as a customer, they all helped with  queries and questions with heart, and will go an extra mile to solve any problems such as our luggage storage and checkout time.

Overall 9/10

Das Capri is a small but very warm and cosy family run hotel, I was a bit sceptical in booking here but I’m glad I didn’t pass the chance to experience this hotel. All the staff were helpful and friendly, the location was as good as it can get and the overall presentation of the hotel was faultless. Although for me not a perfect 10, this hotel must not be passed, you will feel very much satisfied and well looked after.IMG-20170624-WA0002.jpg