Appearance 5/10

Keeping in mind the category or purpose of this hotel. The small hote20170709_134953l has seems to have taken an apartment block, it is plain and looks a bit aged at the front. Inside is no different, everything is small, the elevator, passageways stairs, reception and even the rooms (well my room anyway).  In terms of lighting, my room was very dim, even when I turned on all the lights, the passage way was the same, however my toilet had bright lights. On a plus note, just like ‘Hotel Das Capri’ they had pictures of beautiful Marseille all over the hotel which makes it more tourist committed. The lobby area was nice as well although small they have tried to use the space for important stuff like a computer, a complementary shelf (which included water, teas and biscuits) and a small bar to buy beverages.

Location 8/10

Excellent location in Marseille. Situated on one of the more older parts of Marseille ‘Castellane’ this hotel is surrounded by all the transport you require to get around Marseille with various buses, the tram, the metro and even a taxi bay are just a 10 minute walk away. The area is also good for food and shopping with many restaurants around whatever you feel for  and whatever your budget, Castellane has it.

Cleanliness 6/10

In terms of cleanliness, I’m not happy but I’m not unhappy either. The efforts were there by the cleaners but the maintenance just hasn’t been up to speed. Few rust and tarnished metal or paint work, but nothing to be uncomfortable about.

Facilities & Amenities 6/10

Ibis Castellane does do all they can within their remit to make their customers as comfortable as possible. Firstly this hotel doesn’t have a gym, a pool or anything of that sort. They do however have the more simpler stuff such as a shelve at the lobby for free tea, water and biscuits for all guests which is actually a good thing. They have a single computer and a mini bar for small purchases. In the room there is no Safety deposit box which I thought was a standard in hotels nowadays. All in all again for the amount you pay in this hotel it is a fair gain and the hotel does strive to give the best they’ve got.

Cost 7/10

The price for this hotel was very good and cannot be matched by other hotels around. However you do get what you paid for in this hotel so nobody can really expect high standards. The drinks downstairs were expensive though.

Food 5/10

Ibis Styles Castellane only serves breakfast, no lunch or dinner however they do a 24 hours ordering service. Their breakfast was French and not continental, there were no hot cooked foods. 20170710_071000.jpg


Staff 7/10

I only ever saw the Check-in staff in this hotel and they were very friendly. However they are very strict in following their rules and regulations and it seems they will not give any exceptions. I was 2 hours early and whilst many of the hotels I’ve been to just check you in ‘if’ they have the room available, Ibis styles ‘Castellane’ just turns you away. However the staff did however help me out with my Luggage and offered that I could leave my luggage there till my check-in. However time passes and I return at the correct check-in time just to find out that the room still isn’t ready, big downer. However like I said at the start they were friendly and they were just doing their jobs.

Overall 6/10

Overall this hotel is what it is. It would be unfair to be unhappy with the price you pay for this hotel. It was a good stay but not a place I would go again and again, this hotel is more for the holiday makers with a shoe string budget, or just need a place to sleep and nothing else.