Appearance 9/10

One of the best looking and most modern city hotel I have stayed in. The whole building seems to be purposely built to be a hotel, which is a good thing. Divided into halves the building caters two different hotel brands, whereas one side is Ibis and the other is Novotel Suites, both within the Accor group hotel chain.

The interiors was fresh and spacious, with an elegant contemporary style. Whether in the rooms or in the lobby their furniture were the most updated styles on the market. Rooms varied, some had balconies overlooking the docks, however all were very large and roomy, plenty of space to run around. Their toilets and bathrooms were separate, the bathroom had both a tub and a shower. The room was very bright something which I like in a room, the view of the balcony was one of the best feature of the hotel.

Overall the whole design of the building and interiors was fresh, the look I love in the hotel I’m staying at.


Location 9/10

A good central point near ‘Vieux Porte’, the area is a newer more modern part of Marseille with many shops and restaurants just bay side of the Hotel.

Cleanliness 10/10

For me the hotel was sparkling, at first glance everything looked fresh and polished not a single negatives. Even though the hotel was coloured mainly white it was not very easy to spot anything dirty. Throughout my stay everything maintained its orderliness, each morning my room was cleaned as if I was staying there for the first time.

Facilities & Amenities 9/10

For a city hotel, Novotel Suites Euromed has plenty to satisfy a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Facilities such as their gym, restaurant area, and lobby are a nice place if you have nothing to do. There are bonus furniture and appliances within the room which you wouldn’t find at other hotels, various coffee machines, large desk and a microwave are just a few. 3 people sleep in their bedrooms with a large queen sized bed and a make shift sofa bed for an extra person. At the rooms there are also plenty of cupboards, drawers and shelves for storage.

Cost 9/10

Novotel Suites is a little more than Ibis hotel chains however they are both within the Accor group.  Novotel is definitely their more stylish and well pampered brand. In terms of costs, for what I paid, I’d say I got a real bargain with this particular hotel. I am very was very comfortable and believe I got more than what I paid for.

Food ?/10

I didn’t have food in this hotel so I cant really review it.

Staff 10/10

Novotel Euromed had brilliant staff, staff which I would expect hotels to have. Firstly the ease of communication and swift actions were terrific. I had problems with my booking and needed a change of date. Even though the customer service for Novotel couldn’t help me, Novotel Euromed done all they could to help me out, through various emails and phone calls they advised me which dates are best for rebooking and reassured me of that re bookings have been confirmed. Furthermore I again came a little early around 12:00 whereas formal check-in time was at 14:00. Whereas Ibis Styles ‘Castellane’ turned me away to check in at the right time, Novotel Suites ‘Euromed ‘ were more than happy to check me in and give me a room ‘if they had a room available’ thanks to their staff. I also asked for a power adaptor and quickly they lent me one, no need for a deposit or signature, just a verbal “bring it back upon check out”. Again I admire the swift actions of the staff where I forgot my sunglasses at the reception, instead of keeping it in the lost and found or behind their desk, they actually called me personally in my room to tell me I forgot my glasses, not many hotels would do that. Throughout my stay I was only met with smiles and good greetings. Perfect 10 fir me in this hotel.

Overall 9.5/10

Novotel Suites ‘Euromed’ is hands down (at present) the best city hotel I have stayed in. A border line 9 or 10 for me. The  whole stay was comforting and enjoyable, I would have loved to stay longer,  I would definitely book this hotel again in the future.