Location 9/10

Astoria is located beachfront in station 1 of the main strip of Boracay, which makes Astoria a favoured location for tourists. Although Astoria is in one of the best places, it is open to high congestion and noise just outside.

Cleanliness 8/10

Astoria is very clean, you never see a stop of cleaners cleaning the resorts pool area, restaurants and balcony, which is a very good sign. As this is also a beachfront resort sand is always a problem, however Astoria manages to get rid of sand very well. The rooms are maintained well with no visible signs of miss treatment, all was very well cleaned.

Facilities & Amenities 7/10

The resort has the majority one needs for a good vacation, the only thing missing from my stay at the time was that there was no gym although I don’t know if there is one there today. There is a very cool long pool and excellently themed sun beds and pool furniture. They have restaurant and they also use their beach area to dine in.

Cost 9/10

Astoria is one the higher end for costs on the beach front, however I wouldn’t say it is undeserved. The resort manages to claim their worth through their quality, the cleanliness, staff and products. Their services such as collection from the boat port was a good touch.

Food 7/10

Astoria like majority of the hotels, offer continental breakfast, they are laid out very professionally and with style. The food looks very fresh and it tastes just as it looks. Astoria like many of the beach front hotels have lunch and dinner at the beach, this is very well thought out with various performances on show such as singers or fire dancers. Again the food looked and tasted very fresh.
Staff 7/10

Staff are friendly and they go the extra mile to welcome and protect their own guests, as the resort is situated beachfront there are many who tend to just walk in. Security do very well to identify and remove any persons who don’t have bookings with the hotel however it bites back when you (a guest) gets asked if you are staying at the hotel, it kills the mood and the experience (however I fully understand the need to do it). However staff in Astoria are nice with the bright smile and presence give Astoria a strong front.

Overall 8/10

Astoria is an elegant modern beachfront resort, with a modern architecture. Situated beach front will always be a plus for me due to the convenience it brings guests. The staff were full of energy and well mannered. As a small resort I would recommend it, just don’t let the price scare you away as, I didn’t feel hard done by.