Location 4/10

Boracay Sky is 10 minute walk at back of the main beach. It is right infront of one of boracays main roads. It doesnt have any picturesque views at all from any angles. The area is also a bit noisy. The only positives are that it is convenient for various supermarkets and affordable restaurants.

Cleanliness 5/10

The reception was clean but untidy, paint work or interiors have not been updated and there were just too many advertisements, magazines and leaflets everywhere. The room on the otherhand was tidy but unclean, the sheets were ok but not at the best of standards . The big downer was when you go up the balcony the staff or caretakers have their clothes hung up to dry, big no no.

Amenities & Facilities 3/10

The only plus they had was that they had their own massage parlour. I didnt try it though so i dnt really want to review it.

Cost 6/10

Overall this is the cheaper end of hotels in Boracay. Good for emergencies and budget travellers.

Food ?/10

I didnt have food in the hotel so it would be unfair to review it.

Staff 3/10

The staff didnt seem like they cared, as if it was just a buisness. I didnt feel any special attention or treatment. However they werent rude which is always a plus.

Overall 4/10

Overall, the hotel is good for a quick stay or an emergency but i wouldnt advise to take this as a hotel for a holiday.