Appearance 8/1020

This resort looks somewhat of a posh village or subdivision. It is big and includes its own roads, walkways, beach, amusements and shops, it is so huge that a ride is required to get from one end of the resort to the other comfortably. Just to realise the enormity, this resort centrepieces its owns  iconic 18 hole championship Golf course which no other does in Boracay island and a rarity in the Philippines.  The houses itself are modern, veranda looking holiday house complete with balcony with a view of the golf course, however although huge these apartments can be very plain and bold inside. The apartments had basic or minimal to no decorations to liven the apartments. All furniture and appliances inside are also a bit old which doesn’t replicate the quality of the resort outside. The resort also owns its own private beach which only a few acquire in Boracay.

Location 6/10

Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Boracy (FBNB) is far from any of the points of interest in Boracay, it is near the edge of the island where there is nothing really walking that is walking distance.  The Resort is situated about 5-10 minutes shuttle or tricycle ride from the hotel to the main beach strip in Boracay. A free shuttle ride usually takes guests to D’mall (5-10min) which is the usual dropping and pickup for guests to the main beach strip. Although in my opinion the resort could do a little more to provide transport to the main strip as their vans (which carry only about 12-18) usually gets full and others are advised to wait for the next shuttle, which could be 2hrs later, or get a tricycle which are very expensive in the island, you could imagine a few unhappy guests. Nonetheless FBNB have their own panoramic views, white sand beach, amusements and a number of swimming pools and a whole day in the resort itself is possible.

Cleanliness 7/10

Good but not great, the resort has definitely maintained a level of cleanliness but it isn’t very spectacular, in my opinion anyway. First of all the lobby or recep52tion area, it was somewhat busy and you can tell cleaning was not such a priority, foot prints and smudges on the floor were visible, but it is understandable and I don’t take it against them as it was a very busy area which would be hard to get a proper clean frequently. Next the restaurant at breakfast which was average in terms of cleanliness, again very busy, and as incoming guests (a large group) to the restaurant finding a table was difficult, so once one was available a quick sweep and spray and a placement of new cutlery, again as it was busy it was understandable but not the best. The buffet was also messy than other buffets I have been to in other resorts or hotels, but yet again in their defence much more busier. The gardens and roads however were different it was spotless, not a litter in sight, all trees and hedges have been cut into neat shapes. Inside the apartments however were not that amazing either, the rooms were clean but not sparkling, a few smudges can still be spotted but only a clean freak will be deterred, FBNB is still an amazing resort. The pool on the other hand was clean as well, although a few leaves falling visible on the pool the water was still clear. The surrounding area around the pool was also very tidy indeed and I don’t think no more could be done to clean it. Other than that there were a bit of dust and smoke but that was because whilst I was there, construction or renovation was still ongoing. A good fair 7 in my book, it is definitely difficult to maintain with the number of guests but more could be done to deter wrong impressions.


Facilities & Amenities 10/10

Fairways and Bluew148.jpgater’s facilities are world class and amongst the best in the Philippines. There are not too many other resorts in the country which provide such amusements, entertainment and convenience as this resort. Firstly the 18 hole championship golf course which is visible from various different points in Boracay. A well maintained facility with a picturesque view of the beach, in which if you are a golfer this could be very priceless for your stay. There are also many different pools, I don’t know how many to be exact but I have been and swam in three of them. One of which was beach side, a nice lagoon type pool to relax, another was a box shaped pool next to our apartment complete with a pool bar and last was the main infinity pool, which was a bit busier but was complete with many sunbeds of different kinds, a bar, a Jacuzzi in the corner but the panoramic view of the beach is what made this particular pool amazing. There is also various areas for food and drinks in each corner of the resort for convenience, usually next to the various lounge areas and pools. Shuttles can also be called to go from one end to the other end of the resort for convenience which is a huge plus as this resort can take ages to walk. Furthermore this resort includes facilities such as the 191massage and spa area, kids playpen,  gym, salon, souvenir shops and for more enjoyment this resort includes its very own Zip-line, Segway,  horse back riding and many different types of water sports, although more expensive you can expect to escape the rush of the main beach and enjoy the more private panoramic views. Other convenient assistance this resort operates are, Airport transfers,  foreign exchange, ATM,  laundry and sea transfers. I cant think of any other resorts as complete as this, that’s why I give perfect remarks in terms of facilities.


Cost 7/10

Fairways & Bluewater Resort can span from being relatively cheap to being very expensive, depending on when you book and for what dates. Within the resort there are also extra costs for the many activities such as the golf course or water sports which it operates. However the cost for such activities like jet skiing or zip-lining is a bit more expensive as the prices outside of the resort. Snacks in the convenient store is also a bit more expensive than that of other areas in Boracay, but it was all expected. Overall the resort is definitely on the higher half of costs around Boracay, whether activities, food or a room in their resort, but the costs do have their purpose, as the resort owns its own facilities, you can expect better quality, better product or as this resort is isolated its just very convenient.

Food 5/10

As great as the resort was, the food was a huge downer. At brea15936620_10155124763107240_785326546028740870_okfast the food was more to cater for the masses rather than to please with quality and heart. Ingredients seemed like they were kept to a minimum and there was also not plenty of choices to choose from. One example is the noodle, or pancit canton was relatively plain and the adobo had nothing to exceed that of even the simplest of recipes.  The restaurant was nice though in a nice location overlooking the golf course, but still doesn’t lift the quality of the food.
Staff 6/10

I have negative experiences with staff in this resort, firstly I did call the Resort to query on how to get to their area as it was a bit unusual, I got an answer but it was basic response which helped but not with heart and concern as you would think with an expensive resort. Secondly the front desk staff who were friendly however they do take very long or get very confused by their own booking system. I have booked for two separate large apartments for our relatively large groups, but she was only seeing one booking. The securities along the premises are too a bit annoying always asking how many of us. Ok they are very strict on visitors and the number of heads per room, but us a genuine guests felt a little uncomfortable. Next was the pool attendants, the one next to the beach was questionable as there was none, I didn’t really know how to obtain the towels and the security guard helped us instead, at the other pool the infinity pool the attendant like the other security guards made us uncomfortable by asking us how many of us there are, although this is their job as guests it is just nota positive feeling and basically started my day in a negative thought. After that the attendants at D’mall who control the line for the shuttle were too uninformative and tell guests to find their own way back to the resort when the shuttle is full, although it is their policy in my opinion should the resort be busier than usual, they must do more for transport as it is a far resort. After all the negatives though there are positives as all staff do have their good manners which I always rate, a simple good morning or evening just changes the day as a guest. Maybe it was just luck or the fact we were in a big group that made staff constantly a little suspicious of us, which made our stay a bit touchy. However they were never rude and that is always a plus. Not the best, but not bad either maybe the busyness was a factor.

Overall 7/10

First glance at FBNB is amazing the size of the resort, the golf course, private beachfront, multiple pools and extra activities like the zip line is definatly a massive advantage which other resorts cannot offer. However with some aspects of the resort being second to none, other characteristics fail to carry the quality that this resort intends, the food and shuttles to D’mall definitely brings the experience down. Despite those characteristics I still deem Fairways one of the top resorts in Boracay.