Location 10/10

Le Soleil de Boracay is in the heart of Zone 2 on the main beach, a very popular choice for tourists as it sits in the middle of the strip, it is beach front and there will be no need to take transport for majority of the points of interests in Boracay. Personally its faultless in terms of location.

Cleanliness 7/10

As the resort is situated beach front, it gets very sandy in the restaurant and reception areas, but it is understandably unpreventable. The hotel staff do clean every time and they don’t intentionally leave the place sandy, sometimes they may tell u to wash your feet before entering which is just good manners. The rooms are clean, the bed sheets are fresh and the rooms are perfect for a comfortable stay.

Facilities & Amenities 7/10

The hotel is very small, but it doesn’t fail to give all they can. There is a pool both for little children and adults, a small gym, a restaurant and a small bar. As a small hotel they have done very well to provide for their guests


Cost 9/10

As a beach front resort it is very cost effective against its competitors. I enjoyed my stay and costs were fair it didn’t feel I was hard done by the hotel financially.

Food 7/10

Breakfast tasted nice and was well prepared, the food was prepared with heart and not just cooked for masses. As this hotel has its own beach front for lunch and dinner they also do buffets next to the beach which is a very good touch to the experience.

Staff 10/10

Staff were very nice, one of the friendliest ive experienced. They will also go the extra mile to help you with any queries or problems. They were all smiles 24 hours which made the whole experience positive. I dont know how it could be better so in my opinion its a 10.

Overall 8/10

Overall the hotel was small but it takes advantages in other areas. Le soleil has a very strong personality as a resort and its staff maintains it. Furthermore for being a small resort againsts its neighbouring, competitors the resort strives on giving everything it can, the gym, bars and pool proves it. Being a beachfront resort it is also very vost competitive, so for me le soleil gets a strong score.