Appearance 8/107.jpg

The exterior of the hotel is large and has an organised road structure to the lobby, it has the green to give that welcoming holiday feeling, however the building itself is tidy but doesn’t have an outstanding architectural design  apart from the central glass elevator. Interiorly the hotel was amazing, the decoration, centre piece, chandelier, carpet and furniture were top class. The inside was designed with a posh classical elegance. Pool was small but laid out in a way where many sunbeds were put out in a spacious layout.


Location 6/10

Location wise Marco Polo isn’t in a great place, however it isn’t in a bad area either. The hotel is situated in the rich area Nivel Hills which gives a beautiful high altitude scenery of Cebu City. However Marco Polo is the furthest credible hotel away from any points of interest in Cebu city. Nivel Hills is situated on top of a hilly area which makes walking very difficult, and a ride will be required. However the resort does very well to adapt to the location with it providing shuttles to the main malls and the staff also assists in calling taxis, it is also possible to rent a chauffeur car to other places such as the airport or other far away places.


Cleanliness 8/10

Marco Polo was nicely looked after, the outside alone was spotless, no leaves or rubbish on the ground. Inside the lobby the floor was polished and shiny and you could see cleaners cleaning it very frequently. The rooms were also tidy however big negative is that the toilets do not have an exhaust which could be bad if there is more than one of you staying in the room. Everything in the room looked nicely cleaned and tidy with leaflets, guides and remotes placed nicely on the table.

Facilities & Amenities 7/10

Like 189all 4-5 star hotels and resorts Marco offers all the Facilities and Amenities for a convenient and relaxing buisness or holiday stay.  Marco Polo has a nicely shaped Swimming pool with a division for the kids and adults, next to it is a pool side bar/ restaurant complete with performances at planned times which gives a very good ambiance whether swimming or eating. When we were there a relaxing acoustic singer gracefully performed a few songs, which I can tell you made the whole ambiance whilst we chilled along the pool. There are also a Gym, Medical clinic, Conference center, Spa and restaurant in this hotel, which I didn’t really try but they do look very to a higher standard. Marco Polo has also put a sky bar which are interestingly getting ever popular, with a outside looking elevator “Blu” (Marco Polo’s Sky Bar) has been a positive outcome and well received. Blu bar does do promotions as the  common bars around such as happy hour, which attract more people and is convenient way to chill out and relax after a long day.


Cost 9/10

Marco Polo has the same price range as that of hotel chains such as Holiday inn, Novotel and more alike. Having the price range as these hotel chains, i could say that Marco Polo is cheap for what it offers in comparison. However extras such as food and other services such as chauffeur are on the higher end of costs, although there are many promos and deals such as the happy hour at the bar. Although I have stated that Marco Polo is relatively cheap like all hotels it is cheaper to book a long way from the date than to book close to the date of stay.

Food 8/10

Breakfast in Marco Polo ‘El Viento’ was magnificent, the food was prepared with freshness and taste. The restaurant was clean and tidy, and the utensils and cutlery were of premium standards, being inside the restaurant was like being in a high class restaurant. Marco Polo offers full continental breakfast buffet including fresh juices, a bakery section, cereals traditional Filipino dishes and other hot foods, menus do however change from one day to another for example one day could offer sausage whilst the next day could be bacon. Lunch and Dinner is also available in El Viento their pool side restaurant/ bar makes lovely stone ovened pizzas. El Viento offers a special ‘Marco’ pizza which includes unconventional ingredients such as egg and artichoke, it is a nice pizza to taste.

Staff 8/10

The staff were friendly and very consistent, through till check in all the staff had a bright friendly approach from the door men/ women to the security and the check in staff. I have also noticed their outstanding uniform which is a huge plus. All staff were willing to help whether you are asking for an adaptor or information about Cebu in itself, you wouldn’t feel any tension when speaking to their staff. Staff would even tell you to take a seat or leave your bags with the concierge when waiting for your taxi or the shuttle, they will then call you up or find you should your ride arrive.


Overall 8/10

Overall Marco Polo is a good bet amongst others. Big positives are that the hotel is relatively cheap against competitors, whilst fulfilling a high class, style and services. Negatives are the fact that the hotel is a bit further to ‘points of interests’ against other hotels in cebu, but Marco Polo surely works to counteract that. In Marco Polo your comfort is their number one priority which their staff delivers very well. In conclusion, if going Cebu I fly recommend this hotel.