Location 9/10

If you are staying in Cebu city, Waterfront (Cebu City) is in a very convenient area, next to the Ayala business park, Ayala Mall, I.T park and not far from all the tourist areas in the city such as the Taoist temple, San Pedro Fort, Magellan’s Cross and much more. This hotel also has its own taxi bay so getting around or finding a taxi isn’t difficult.

Cleanliness 7/10

Outside the hotel is well looked after, there is no visible rubbish flying or lying around, the lobby is clean as well nothing stands out as being unclean, few dust here and there but it is a very big hotel. Inside the room was not the cleanest ive seen, sheets and floor were a bit sticky and toilets had lime scale, dust here and there but it wasn’t too disturbing id still advise to stay here.

Amenities 9/10

Superb amenities, there is so much to do here. Waterfront Casino is a nice Filipino themed casino, there is the gym which is very modern and well looked after, the pool, medical clinics, theatres…

Cost 9/10

This hotel is cheaper than that of many of its surroundings, this hotel is bigger, more amenities and closer to the points of interest. At times this hotel can be expensive but for the majority of the time the price is worth it.

Food 7/10

Uno restaurant had a good theme, it was nicely designed and comfortable. However the food was just above basic, it was nice but not great. There was a lot to choose from though, which is always a plus.20170322_084944.jpg

Staff 9/10

Staff were very friendly, every time you pass one its a huge smile with “good morning” or “good evening”. They were however easily distracted by their own personal conversations.

Overall 8/10

Overall I fully recommend staying here, just the convenience to connect around Cebu city will be a good enough reason to stay here. It is classy, clean and there is lots to do, only downsides are the food and cleanliness being average but not bad at all.