Austria is a widely German speaking country and is known for its rich imperial history, alpine terrain and baroque architecture. Most notable names that graced this country is Beethoven, Mozart and Franz Schubert.

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A very small country with a rich culture where its defiant people has made this country gain independence. Discover its new and historic structures.

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Finland is not a Scandinavian country which is often mistaken for. Instead it is a Baltic nation with very little attractions, but the main stage for the festive season with Lapland.

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France, the country with the city that is said to be the romantic capital of the world. Explore the different regions and lifestyle of this European superpower.

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One of the most powerful and influential European nation. Best for Christmas markets, nightlife and world war museums

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One of the Culinary capitals of the world. Highly religious and patriotic. Its History famous around the world.

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The first Scandinavian country I have visited. Famous for its natural scenery, high mountains, tall trees and fjords.

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Historically One of the biggest expansionist s. Its culture, architecture, language and religion is now seen around the world.

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