Appearance 7/10

Although very small, the hotel is definitely classy. You will realise just how small many apartments in Hanoi is, so this hotel is a product of the city tight and small space, nothing wrong there. Inside the hotel is covered with marble, granite interiors, many artwork, many mirrors to make the hotel feel very roomy.


Location 8/10

At first, I thought that La Siesta’s location was in an awful area. However when you realise that all of Hanoi the same way as around this Hotel, you will tend to love the location. Why? because this hotel is situated in the quietest place in the Old city. The area is very convenient for access to many of Hanoi’s attractions if you are not fussed about walking on roads then everything is a walk away. Restaurants and the market is around this area, and all attractions are just a walk away.

Cleanliness 9/10

Everything in this hotel is neat and tidy, upon check in every thing is placed in a designated area such as their remote in a neat remote booklet case, menus and facts in a pilled stack in a corner. There is just nothing wrong with this hotels cleanliness.

Facilities & Amenities 7/1020171025_225024

For a small hotel La Siesta has a lot of facilities and amenities to be happy about. Firstly the hotel has a stylish bar and a scenic restaurant, there is also a lounge and a shop to buy luxury Vietnamese products. In the room, you are complete with the usual hotel features such as a TV, safe, robes, slippers and more. It is also possible to borrow a laptop in the reception area to do work.

Only down side is that there is no facilities such as a gym, but this isn’t needed in a place like Vietnam.


Cost 8/10

For the price we paid, the hotel is worth every penny.

Food 9/10

Breakfast here is good, the buffet is very tasty and all food is warm or cool as it needs to be, fresh juices and yoghurt are placed in a well presented fridge and there is many different choices of them. There is an attendant to cook freshly cooked egg menus and a variety of coffees and teas to choose from.

Staff 10/10

Steve (Guest relations officer) and his team are the best staff a hotel can have, and I believe La Siesta Trendy are very lucky to have them. So many events went wrong, such as leaving my jacket behind after checkout and forgetting my phone in a Taxi but the staff full heartedly helped with successful conclusion. Usually in my travels if you forget your valuables in a taxi or hotel you would consider it gone, which is what I thought until I asked the hotels staff to try and call, but instead they helped by calling the taxi company and somehow the taxi driver returning with the good news of having my phone. If it wasn’t for this hotels staff my phone would most definitely be gone.

Apart from this the normal action of their staff is great and consistent. Again a brilliant Steve is seen everywhere from the reception and even in the restaurant in the morning looking after his guests in the highest possible manner. Their reception staff are friendly and although some of their English is not the best, it doesn’t matter believe me when I say they are extremely helpful.

Their front door staff will never allow you to carry your bags and will take the load whenever they can, they will also call taxis for you should you need it. The restaurants staff is also magnificent attending to your needs all the time and keeping everything in the buffet very tidy and topping up wherever needed.

My stay in Vietnam was amazing because of this hotel’s staff. Very knowledgeable, very helpful, very friendly. The best.

Overall 9/10

Without exaggeration, this hotel is simply had the best ‘customer service’ in any hotel I’ve been to so far in my travels, the staff were faultless. I have never felt the comfort and welcome to a any country or city the way La Siesta Trendy showed. My stay in this hotel was one of the best and it wasn’t because of the building or furniture but the staff.