Review: AirAsia Zest

The Airline

AirAsia Zest is formerly known as300px-AirAsia_Zest_Logo.svg Zest air and Asian Spirit.  The name AirAsia Zest is a rebranded name for the airline Zest air after Airasia strategically joined in alliance with one another. The airline is another of Philippine’s budget/ lowcost airlines which flies domestically and internationally as Airasia. Stats from 2016 states the airlines has a fleet of around 20 airbus aircraft flying throughout the country.


Just like Cebu Pacific Air, I have also used this airline a few times domestically around the Philippine islands. I still remember when Airasia Zest was still the former Zest air, nothing much has changed but the uniforms and A/C colours which do well to give a luxury feel, even for a low cost airline.


At the airport

Airasia Zest bases at Manila NAIA airport terminal 4, a very small domestic terminal. It is a one floor building that only really consists of 3 rooms  Check-in, Security and the Gates. There are not much shops and restaurants in this terminal.

Aircraft and Flight

AirAsia Zest is a budget/ low cost airline which in my opinion shows  a little more luxury than its competitors. Firstly the staff uniform shows that the airline means business, rather than just a plain t-shirt (which other low cost airlines have) AirAsia Zest have a formal white shirt (black for men) complete with a red blazer and a decent skirt (black trousers for men), the same as its partner company and name sake ‘AirAsia’. Furthermore the seats are complete with the standard magazine pouch and foldable table with the legroom similar to its competitors. Food and drinks are available for purchase, they vary from cold snacks and also hot meals all a bit more expensive than your retail price. The cabin was always clean and I have never experienced anything to be out of the ordinary.



Overall I am very happy with Airasia Zest as a company to travel as it just enhances your low cost airline experience. The airline varies in price, it just depends when you book and how busy the flight is. Flying domestically I like to fly the cheapest possible as it is only approx. 1- 1.5 hours flight around the different areas of the Philippines, not much to care about the flight experience. However if AirAsia Zest and its competitors were equal in price, I would edge to fly AirAsia Zest due to their little improvements into their cabins and staff standards.

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