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I have been to the ‘Emirates Business Lounge’ at Dubai international airport four times and twice at their Heathrow lounge. Although I paid for some of my business tickets, my ‘Skywards Silver card’ gave me free access to the lounge at its Dubai hub even though I was travelling in an economy ticket. Although the Heathrow lounge is only exclusive for those with business or first class tickets and not silver skyward holders.

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London Heathrow Lounge

Emirates lounge in Heathrow terminal 3 is situated between departure gates 5 and 7. It is directly connected to the departure gates that the airline departs from so you can board the aircraft straight from the comfort of the lounge.


The facility was incredible, it had everything you would expect from a business class lounge but to the highest standard even though this is an outstation. First thing you notice once entering is the view of the runway and aircraft (one of which is your flight). Moreover quality leather seats complete with tea tables are appropriately placed facing the view, giving a private peaceful, relaxing ambience to start your journey. On either side of the lounge there will be dining areas whereas the left side is notable for light snacks whilst the right side having a buffet for heavier meals. These sections will also include the beverage areas, in which you will be spoilt with a comprehensive selection of the most notable brands of champagne, beers, wines, coffee, tea, juices and even the water which is Voss.


A good selection of magazines and newspapers from local and foreign publishers are also available. However I do not think that you are allowed to take them to the aircraft with you.

There are also quiet business areas hidden at the back but I believe the essence of this lounge was to relax and not to work. Attendants at all corners of the lounge was ever present whether cleaning, refilling or taking care of passengers which was really good to see. The whole ambience of this lounge is plush although you feel comfortable enough to make yourself feel at home.

Dubai Lounge

The Emirates business class lounge which is separate from their first class is something out of the ordinary. Each concourse of the Dubai International Airport (DXB) A, B and C has separate lounge. All the lounges has its own floor above the common area and spans each end of the terminal.


Firstly all I can say is that the lounge is a world of its own. What isn’t there?

As you reach the reception to the lounge you are surrounded by pure extravagance. You are firstly checked in by one of their receptionist and upon entry they remind you of your flight and gate, they also warn you that there is no flight calls and that each individual is to watch their own time.

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Once going through the reception you can roam anywhere you want, but you are always directed to the area nearest to your gate. You will be spoilt for tables, seats and sofas to relax all of which are high quality. Every single detail is top notch from plants to the lighting all gave the classy ambience of this place and as the lounge is so large you will never need to sit next to another passenger if you don’t want to.

Numerous snacks and dining areas are available, there is a help yourself buffet with huge selection for all types of diets. Only problem I found as a lone traveller is that I had to leave my bag unaccompanied whilst getting my food, a bag drop would’ve been nice but I guess I cant ask too much. A smoking section is also available openly connected in one of the furthest point of the lounge and quiet surprisingly not in a confined room but just like the rest of the lounge plenty of seats, tables, sofas and its own dining facility.


Dining in any lounge is not the best, and you should never expect restaurant quality. The food (buffet) are laid out in a beautiful way, it is frequently cleaned, refilled and topped-up by the very consistent staff. There is plenty of food and drinks from around the world from rice dishes, salads, curries but for me although very delicious some food can be cold, hard, wet or oily (not all the time) but don’t be put off as dining here is still superb. The Emirates lounge also offers Haagen Daz ice cream, Costa coffee and many of the best alcoholic brands from around the world so if you want a cheeky drink before your flight just know your going to get the best. If you think something you want is unavailable, just ask the staff because they might just have it.


Other facilities in the lounge include business and children areas. The business area had booths some with computers and some empty which I can only imagine it to be for personal laptops, there was a meeting room but I cant remember if there was printing and scanning devices. I didn’t go inside the childrens area but from the outside you can see computers, gaming consoles and small play areas, so if you manage to go with your family you can leave the kids there ad enjoy your own time.

There are also places to fre20151229_023225.jpgshen up apart from the toilets there is also a showering facility for use. Toilets are also above average, the cubicle are separated floor to sealing meaning optimum privacy whilst the washing area have free disposable toothbrush, combs, shave and towels nicely arranged. An attendant is also always present in the toilets keeping them clean and tidy. There is also shoe shining stands if you are someone who needs to look the part. Finally if you have a long wait till your next flight there are also very private napping areas, little booths which include blankets pillows and blindfold packets.

In conclusion the Emirates lounge in DXB airport is like being in a whole new airport specially for premium customers. The layout and design is carefully thought out and you can see they have invested highly for such an astonishing facility with great furniture artwork and services. Staff are ever present even at midnight which is reassuring for passengers. Heathrow’s lounge is also amazing, its strategic location and views are remarkable and again the furniture and decoration give a very luxurious feel. Overall the Emirates lounge gives their passengers the smooth and comforting journey ahead or in transit, business passengers are able to work conveniently whilst holiday makers can start to enjoy their holiday at the airport. Everything in the premises have utmost quality and character consistent with the overall airline.


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