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The Airline

Cathay Dragon (formerly known as Dragon Air) is a subsidiary and sister airline of Cathay Pacific. Just in the past 2 year in 2016, Dragonair went through a rebranding phase, re-naming to Cathay Dragon and giving their livery paintwork the same brush wing logo as Cathay Pacific in order to align the two airlines. However although both liveries have a similar appearance Cathay Dragon is coloured red whilst Cathay Pacific kept its green exterior. The purpose of the rebrand was to align the two companies giving passengers easier seamless connections to each others network, although Cathay Dragon (DragonAir) is still operating as a separate airline.


Dragon Air ‘s Old livery design



Hong Kong > Hanoi (Noi Bai)

We have used Cathay Pacific in many occasions  but taking Cathay Dragon (or Dragonair) last year in October from Hong Kong to Hanoi was a first. There were many similarities to the service but each had their own personality.

Aircraft and Flight

Although still operating as two separate enterprises, sister companies Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon gives the impression that they are under one strong brand. Even their website is now housed under one domain and furthermore Cathay Dragon uses the same facilities such as check-in (in Hong Kong airport) and lounges as Cathay Pacific’s.


Getting on the aircraft was easy there was no delays and it was pretty empty (it wasn’t peak season) staff was also very friendly and allowed me to move seats once boarding was complete. The staff had similar uniform as that of Cathay Pacific, they wore the same red blazer (or looked the same) with the brush wing logo but their shirts were different as Cathay Dragon sported a black and red shirt whilst Cathay Pacific wear a white shirt with their logo printed across their shirt. The Cabin again was similar of that of their sister company, a touch screen IFE (entertainment system), USB charge point and more alike (however i believe it has since been modernised). The food was simple, it was only a short fli20171022_190752.jpgght so I weren’t expecting anything heavy. There were very nice fresh fruits, water, cookies and a rice meal. Soft drinks, tea and coffee is also served afterwards.

The flight was nice and comfortable, there was a little turbulence but that cant really be avoided. Blankets were available upon request and headphones were placed on our seats before boarding for our use. Again their staff was very nice and professional, they attended to my every needs and although it was late night they didn’t look tired and they were still full of energy


My flight with Cathay Dragon was very satisfying, it wasn’t too expensive and still had the feel of a luxury airline well deserving to carry the Pacific Groups name. Honestly I didn’t even know ‘Dragonair’ as a company let alone as a subsidiary of the Cathay Group, the rebrand in my opinion has been successful, I now know the company and the level of standard they regard. Although I’ve only been on the airline once I’m still very intrigued if they are consistent with other routes. Overall I am very happy flying with this airline and wouldn’t mind to fly with them again in future travels.

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