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The Airline


VietJet is a budget low cost international airline based in Vietnam with over 45 aircraft, majority being airbus with a capacity of around 180 in each.


Flight: Ha Noi (HAN) > Singapore (SIN)

After a quick vacation in Vietnam, I booked a quick flight to Singapore for a 2 day layover before heading back to England.  A controversial airline worldwide for having multiple bikini-clad cabin crew shows and even selling calendars.

At the airport

Departing from Ha Noi (Noi Bai) airport early morning, it wasn’t too busy but it looked like the airport had minimal staff. From what I can remember there were maybe only  10 airlines departing from the airport, Vietnam Airlines being the more dominant. The security was of standard airport levels, but the immigration took longer than normal. Noi Bai airport was long to walk from one end to the other but there were travellators. The gate for my VietJet flight was ok and the staff do call you when the flight is boarding, the lines were structured and everything went in an ordinary fashion.

Noi Bai Airport.jpg

Aircraft, Service and Flight

The staff are very welcoming, and the on-board music was fantastic, very uplifting. The seats were standard with a desirable amount of legroom, and a pouch to put personal stuff in. I was seated on the window seat in the right side of the aircraft, the window was quiet dirty and there was a smudge but not too much to be undesirable. The cvietjet 21abin crew was friendly and very consistent in their duties most importantly safety. Staff uniform was cute and different, they had a neat little hat, red/orange top and a designed skirt and a scarf a similar look to a girl scout uniform. There was no Inflight entertainment which I kind of knew wouldn’t be incorporated as it is a budget airline.  Take off and landing was fine, I didn’t really buy any food and pay much attention to other services as I just slept through the flight. . After landing, that beautiful on board music came on again, best part of the airline for me.



Just a quick trip for me and it was what I would expect a low cost airline to be, there was no outstanding factor for me to be impressed with, and nothing that would get me upset either. It was a good flight. Love the on-board music!

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